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John Wesley Cummings: Team Members


NSCA-Certified Personal Trainer, Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics with a Specialty in Strength & Conditioning


General Strength & Conditioning, Athletic Performance, Powerlifting Coaching


John Wesley provides results-oriented training for goal driven people. He focuses on using his experience and skills to give each client the right tools for the job to help accomplish their goals, whatever they might be.

What he has accomplished:

  • 9 years of competing in Powerlifting: 2020 National Champion in the Equipped 105kg weight class, represented Canada at the 2018 IPF World Championships, Provincial records in the Squat/Bench/Total, National Junior Bench Press record.

Who/what he has learned from:

  • Bachelors degree in Human Kinetics with a Specialization in Strength and Conditioning.

  • 3.5 years closely interning under the reputable Head Strength Coach of TWU, Andrew Heming.

  • Key coaches & mentors who were major influencers in his development including Bryan Stover,  Dr. Johann Windt, Avi Silverberg, and Ryan Matthew.

Who he has coached:

  • 12-64 years old with a variety of goals: from training for health/longevity, to competitive powerlifters seeking 2000lb totals, to preparing advanced athletes for professional team tryouts.

  • 5 years as the Strength Coach for the CBC Bearcats Men/Women’s college volleyball and basketball teams - developing resilient athletes & helping them jump higher, run faster, and perform better

John Wesley Cummings: List
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