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Genesis is transforming, launching a multimillion-dollar undertaking. We are expanding, upgrading, and improving in every way. We are undergoing a full rebranding that will culminate in a totally transformed facility.

Here is a small sneak peek of what’s to come:

Photo 2024-02-17, 19 17 15.jpg


We have invested over $580,000 in new equipment alone, totaling over 100 new pieces for a facility wide replacement of machines and an over 90% replacement of all equipment. We have added just a few examples of the equipment below.

Photo 2024-05-06, 12 51 48 PM.png


We are adding a large number of amenities and services across the entire gym, some of these new additions are:

  • Full time day cleaning staff

  • Extended hours of operation

  • Expanded parking

  • Coached Olympic lifting classes

  • Coached boxing classes

  • New available studio classes

  • Complimentary towel service

  • Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi

  • Rentable lockers

  • Wallet/Phone lockers with charging stations

  • Redlight therapy

  • Aqua massage beds

  • Coffee and other beverages

  • Custom meal prep service

  • Updated seating and lounge area

Photo 2024-02-21, 18 53 57 (1).png


We are undergoing large scale renovations and improvements to the entire gym, these include:

  • Renovations to the gym floor, painting, mirror replacement, new TVs, new facility wide sound system, new lighting, wall art, expanded boxing space.

  • Renovations to the locker rooms, new countertops, new tiling, new upgraded sauna units, new mirrors, painting, locker replacements, upgrades to urinals and shower spaces.

  • Renovations to our front end, new spa area with tanning, redlight and aqua massage, new seating area, new display wall, flooring upgrades, new café style seating area.

  • New state of the art Olympic lifting facilities.

  • Expanded floor space with proposed zoning expansion

Photo 2024-02-17, 19 24 30.jpg


We are partnered with an architecture firm to work on rezoning for our space, this would allow us to expand the facility into the unit next to us and increase our main gym floor by nearly 50%. Additionally, we would use some office space to continue adding amenities and services.

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