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If you're interested in applying, click the button below to fill out our application form.

Genesis Athletic Club is looking for a small group of individuals who align with our values and who through their accomplishments, social followings, and love of fitness, can represent our Club as sponsored members. 

We will be providing:

  • Free membership

  • Custom sponsored athlete clothing where applicable.

  • Optional in-house access to our videographer for the term of sponsorship.

  • An official affiliate discount for membership signups. Athletes will be given a unique membership type under their name that is discounted from our regular membership. They can offer this discount to followers, friends, family, sporting associates or others who do not have a membership. Genesis will track signups through these unique membership types and offer rewards to our sponsored athletes/influencers for each sale.

Sponsored Members will be required to:

  • Conduct themselves in a professional manner according to the standards of Genesis Athletic Club.

  • Represent Genesis Athletic Club in a positive manner through sporting or social platforms.

  • Assist in the advertising of Genesis Athletic Club through social media endorsements.

  • Meet a minimum standard of 4 social media posts per month that mention Genesis Athletic Club in a positive way and encourage your followers to sign up using your sponsored affiliate membership

  • Meet a minimum standard of 1 membership signup per month under your sponsored affiliate membership.

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